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Know Greater Hope

What's the Big Idea?

A life of hope is unique in our world. In culture today, there is a lot of hopelessness, misdirected faith, superficial love, and unrealistic hope in things that won’t happen. This is why so many are trying to escape the reality of the future… by hiding in work, entertainment, alcohol, sex, material things, and all kinds of distraction. The book of Ephesians was written for people to know there is a greater hope.

Ephesians is packed with stunning passages that help us know this hope we have in Jesus, deepen our appreciation for God’s love and grace in raising us from death to life in Christ, that move us to have a new purpose, provide us with a new sense of security, and prepare us for life. This short book of the Bible is God’s spiritual remedy to radically improve our spiritual health and give us hope.

Grasp the awesome scale of God’s love!

God brings us from death to life by grace. God teaches us how to live in the light.

God has done resurrection before. We know He can do it again.

There is no greater hope. Know greater hope!


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Sermons in this Series


April 16 | Every Spiritual Blessing


April 23 | Know Greater Hope


April 30 | Death To Life By Grace


May 7 | A New Kind of Peace


May 14 | The Mystery Revealed


May 21 | Grasping the Scale of God’s Love


May 28 | Building Unity with Love